Owner/Founder/CEO: Moshe Tsabag


Owner/Founder/CEO: Moshe Tsabag

Founded: 1996

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Employees: 85 (5 designers, one merchandiser, one fashion director)

The Brand: Juniors start-up has become a lifestyle brand with licensees churning out intimate apparel, sleepwear, outerwear, children's wear, footwear, socks, swimwear, home fashions and accessories such as handbags, belts, cell phone cases, key chains.

International Expansion: Five freestanding Hot Kiss stores were set to open in China this past April. A total of 40 Chinese stores on tap this year, 60 next year. Hot Kiss and Chinese licensee Zhejiang Xuege Fashion Co. Ltd. plan 200 Hot Kiss stores across China in five years. Hot Kiss also sells in Mexico City and Canada, and has overtures from potential licensees in Japan, Singapore and Korea. Next stop: Europe.

Annual Sales: $50 million this year; Chinese retail sales: $80 million in five years.

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