Pacific Sunwear Deploys Tablet Technology in 300 Stores

Tablet devices are enhancing the customer experience at 300 Pacific Sunwear stores across the country, and the retailer plans to expand the iPad Retailing solution to 100 more stores through the rest of 2011. The retailer operates 821 stores in 50 states.

Pacific Sunwear is leveraging the Global Bay iPad Retailing App on the mobile devices for personalized, one-on-one assisted selling. The app's Look Book functionality and rich media content lets store associates walk customers through a variety of outfit combinations and suggest products based on customer preferences. The app also helps eliminate sales that would be lost due to items being out-of-stock in a particular store by providing associates with product and inventory information and facilitating fulfillment through multiple sales channels.

In addition, Pacific Sunwear has integrated QR codes into the app, allowing the retailer to deliver content directly to shoppers' smartphones when they scan the QR codes on the iPad screen.

"Clearly retailing is undergoing a fundamental change and the appropriate adoption of new technologies can be a critical piece in building relevance with today's consumers," said PacSun CEO Gary Schoenfeld in a statement. "Customers and store associates are finding the iPad to be a welcome surprise at Pacific Sunwear and are giving us very positive feedback for being an early adopter."

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