Pacsun Builds Out Immersive Customer Experiences on New Roblox Platform

los angeles tycoon

Pacsun has launched its second virtual experience, Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon on Roblox.

Taking inspiration from the retailer’s Southern California roots, the platform invites users to build their own virtual map of different Los Angeles neighborhoods. Users can unlock certain parts of Pacsun stores and earn prizes by completing these regions. These prizes can then be redeemed and used to purchase virtual merchandise inspired by Pacsun's Spring 2023 collection. 

Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon’s launch comes one year after the release of PacWorld, a virtual, interactive mall experience. 

“Following positive consumer response to both PacWorld and our seasonal catalog of clothing offering on Roblox, we recognize the importance to expand our presence on Roblox and continue to offer our community new build experiences, where they can step outside the mall and leverage their skills to build their own rendition of the Los Angeles cities that make up the heart of Pacsun,” said Brie Olson, co-CEO at Pacsun.

Making Moves Towards the Metaverse

Interest in avatars continues apace. The majority (70%) of Gen Z users say their avatars dress at least somewhat like their real-life style, while a similar proportion says they get physical style inspiration from dressing their avatars, according to the Roblox2022 Metaverse Fashion Trends report. 

Pacsun is one of a growing number of retailers gamifying their customer experience through avatar building and metaverse-like technology. Recently, H&M launched an immersive playground, Loooptopia on the Roblox platform. This platform allows customers to interact with different materials and patterns within the Roblox world, create virtual wardrobes for their avatars within an immersive 3D experience and take part in mini-games, styling sessions, and other events. The company partnered with metaverse studio Dubit to launch the metaverse experience. 

Last year, Walmart deepened its investment in metaverse-oriented spaces, rolling out two new Roblox experiences: Walmart Land and Walmart Universe of Play. Using avatars, visitors to these digital spaces can access a virtual store of merchandise and explore toy worlds in which they can earn coins to exchange for virtual goods. 

Last summer, Lowe's built a virtual hub to provide free downloads of product assets to creators and builders, with more than 500 3D product assets that mimic items from real-world shelves. 3D items include lighting, patio furniture, area rugs, kitchen, and bath accessories. 

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