Paige Denim Gives Field Sales Reps Better Image Tools With bigtincan

Luxury fashion brand Paige Denim is working with mobile content enabler bigtincan's Hub to improve the field sales process with distributors by making it easier for sales reps to access and share images of new jeans collections – while garnering valuable insights around which content is most effective during the sales process.

bigtincan Hub is a single unified solution that securely delivers the right content to the right users at the right time and location, on any mobile device.

Prior to implementing bigtincan hub, Paige was using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to store and access images of new collections of jeans. This posed a tremendous challenge for Paige distributors as they regularly had to navigate through complex file systems to find and download the latest images on the fly, which often staggered the sales process.

Because fashion is such a visual industry and images are critical to the success of sales, the company needed to implement a solution that allowed them to always have access to the newest images through a single interface.

Paige Denim implemented bigtincan hub to create a more efficient and cost-effective way for its field sales team to access and share images through a single interactive interface. More importantly, the executive team wanted to understand which images and content was resonating with buyers and duplicate that process across the sales organization.

Through its ContentIQ technology, bigtincan is able to provide Paige with intelligent insight into all aspects of how all of its 75 field sales users engage with content, helping them unlock expertise and create expert networks that will improve the overall performance of the entire group.

"In the fashion industry, your success often hinges on how well you can tell a visual story and our field sales organization was not able to effectively do that with our internal FTP system," said Ywain Cheney, art director of Paige Denim.

"With bigtincan hub, we've found an easy, highly effective way to arm our field representatives with a single point of access to all of the tools they need to close deals," Cheney continued. "As a result, our sales process is much more fluid, our field reps are much more productive and we have much better visibility into how our marketing assets are being used. bigtincan hub has improved our business processes across the board."
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