Pantograms Exclusive N.A. Distributor of Drucktech Heat Presses

Pantograms is the now the exclusive North America distributor for Drucktech’s complete line of heat press models. The innovative membrane heat press contains a special pneumatic membrane base plate that, when inflated ensures a unique high pressure, full contact heat transferring.
The Drucktech heat press membrane equalizes the differences in the thickness of the material being heat pressed so there is no need for inlays making the process faster. The transfer process can effectively be used over buttons, zippers, seams, rhinestones, laces, seams on baseball caps, etc. without the use of jigs or padding conventionally used to do varied applications.
It can achieve a high pressure (100 lbs. per square inch), making it suitable for those materials that need a high pressure that cannot be achieved by using a manual heat press. The pressure is equal on every area of the table and the press is easy to open and close. The parameters of the ironing (pressure, temperature and time) can also be set for repetitive use.
For more information about Drucktech heat presses, please visit our website at or call toll-free 800-872-1555.

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