Partnership Provides UHF and NFC RFID Tags Preloaded with Customer Specs

UPM RFID and ToP Tunniste, an RFID and NFC system integrator located in Tampere, Finland, are pleased to announce co-operation to provide UPM RFID’s ultra-high frequency (UHF) and near field communication (NFC) RFID tags with pre-encoded data and customer specific design through ToP Shop netstore.
The netstore has established itself as an easy and safe channel for purchasing NFC, UHF and HF RFID tags. Customers can now buy RFID tags, labels, stickers and cards with personalized data content, artwork and printing online - also with the added flexibly of small quantities.
UPM RFID’s product selection on the ToP Shop netstore comprises, among others, UPM DogBone and UPM ShortDipole tags with Impinj Monza or NXP U-Code chips, as well as different physical sizes optimized for various identification, tracking and tracing applications. The NFC product selection includes NFC Forum Tag Types with NXP’s Mifare Ultralight, Ultralight-C, Standard 1k and 4k and Desfire ICs.
ToP Shop netstore has distributed UPM RFID’s RFID tags and inlays since 2005. The netstore also delivers RFID reader devices for R&D and implementation purposes, NFC smartphones and accessories, tools for tag content reading and writing, decoders and developer kits.
“We aim to respond promptly to customers’ emerging needs for ordering NFC and UHF tags with customer-specific content in a range of quantities. The required expertise and production processes – and keeping UPM RFID’s tags in stock – give us the capacity to serve customers globally and at short notice,” says Pauli Tossavainen, managing director, ToP Tunniste.

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