Party City Getting Granular On Category Spend

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Party City Holdings is investing to gain more visibility into category spending at its 800-plus company-owned and franchised stores in North America.

The retailer, which has been leveraging its retail tech investments during the pandemic, has teamed with GEP Software for its SMART unified, cloud-native source-to-pay platform. Built on a data-centric foundation with artificial intelligence, the solution is designed to bring efficiency, agility, visibility and actionable intelligence into all procurement and purchasing functions by enabling Party City to structure, cleanse and analyze its spend at a more granular level.

The technology is also expected to decrease the retailer’s infrastructure and support costs.

"GEP's solution will provide clear visibility into our category spend, to help us better identify savings opportunities across the enterprise and drive greater value to our organization," said Deborah Sorg, Party City Holdings VP of procurement.

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