Peapod Implements PCI Compliance and Change Control


Peapod implements Tripwire Enterprise, a file integrity monitoring solution from Tripwire, to help it meet its Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) goals, as well as to help it manage change control with its mission critical systems.

Peapod, which operates online grocery shopping and delivery service for Giant Food and Stop and Shop supermarkets in more than 22 metropolitan areas in the United States, has delivered over 13 million orders. For Peapod, ensuring continuous regulatory compliance supports an overall mandate to keep customer data secure and to maintain the trust that customers have placed for many years in the Peapod e-commerce platform.

In addition to providing the change audit and configuration assessment capabilities required by the PCI standard, Peapod uses Tripwire Enterprise to save system administration time and view all system modifications from its central console without having to access each server individually. This central view allows Peapod to enforce its change control processes by monitoring its systems for unauthorized changes, investigating exceptions to its policy. Most importantly, Tripwire offers Peapod reports that its executives and auditors need for documenting IT change history and demonstrating compliance.

"Tripwire Enterprise offers a powerful solution for helping us with PCI compliance, track changes throughout the enterprise, detect exceptions to our policies, and be able to quickly remediate any problems that could disrupt security and system availability," says Todd Vazquez, senior UNIX administrator, Peapod. "Because Tripwire delivered, we can keep delivering our customers' groceries, knowing that we are keeping our processes, systems and customers' data safe."

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