PepsiCo SVP of Marketing Kate Garner Leading Collaborative Data Panel at Analytics Unite 2024

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor

PepsiCo’s Kate Garner, SVP of marketing, demand accelerator, will be leading a conversation on integrating analytics into an organization’s entire value chain for shared insights. 

Garner will be moderating the “Advancing Data Collaboration and Insight Exchange Panel” during Analytics Unite, being held from May 1-3 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. 

Watch her lead a discussion on end-to-end collaboration and uniting stakeholders via an infrastructure that supports a circular approach to data across operations and logistics. Garner will also touch on the value of keeping retail partners in the loop in order to foster innovation and efficiency. 


At PepsiCo, Garner oversees consumer strategy, analytics, and marketing innovation and has been instrumental in helping build out broader data and insights capabilities, including pepviz, PepsiCo’s proprietary data practice.

As part of this, she's helped PepsiCo gain granularity into specific items that retailers lack, such as identifying how to reach shopper segments better in underserved communities. 

Garner is the perfect expert to guide the data discussion at Analytics Unite, having presented her expertise on developing more collaborative data partnerships with retailers for the CGT/RIS Tech Transformation Podcast

During the episode, Garner touched on how technology at PepsiCo has evolved over the last 20 years, how the organization has overcome challenges related to data democratization, and how consumer insights are shared across the company and with retailers to boost market share and revenue growth.

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