PepsiCo’s Jeff Swearingen Joins Analytics Unite 2021

a man wearing a suit and tie
Jeff Swearingen

Jeff Swearingen, global SVP at PepsiCo, will keynote Analytics Unite 2021.

Sharing insight at “Preparing for the Future Consumer,” Swearingen will explore upcoming consumer behavior shifts and detail how retail and consumer goods companies can best ready for them.

He is head of PepsiCo’s demand accelerator (DX) initiative, which leverages data and analytics to identify the company’s most valuable customers, and then uses these insights to inform personalized marketing and other efforts.  As such, the data-based Analytics Unite session will also make predictions on the short- and long-term changes in end-user behavior that require immediate attention.

Held May 18-20, Analytics Unite is three days of insight-packed content from today’s global thought leaders. Its Future of Business theme is designed to help leading data and analytics senior executives map their future to success.

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