Performance Underwear? That's What 2UNDR Has In Mind

In the world of fashion, underwear means big business. Recent figures released by NPD Group Inc., a market research company, reported that men's and women's briefs make up approximately 33 percent of the global $70 billion intimate apparel industry. With a shift in men's apparel sales trending up, rising 5 percent from last year, it's no wonder industry competition is intense. In a cluttered landscape of over 500 competitors in the underwear business, the question becomes: what can the next underwear company do to stand out? If following the lead of established brands, it would involve marketing a quality product with traditional distribution.

Enter a new model in the underwear business: product differentiation accomplished by using technical fabric solutions sold through new and innovative channels. This is exactly the strategy 2UNDR, a producer of men's underwear, had in mind when it signed a five-year deal with Garmatex to place CoolSkin™ fabric in its Gearshift briefs.

Incorporating Garmatex's proprietary technology to line the front of 2UNDR's Gearshift underwear provides a distinct advantage that most regular underwear does not - keeping the wearer cool when they need it the most. Coldskin™ embedded technology allows the wearer to remain dry and supported, dissipating heat from key areas and reducing body temperature by three to six degrees, depending on the level of activity.

Jeff Williams, 2UNDR's vice president of marketing says, "There are a lot of companies out there making compression and quick drying underwear but 2UNDR has been able to stand out by really improving the technology behind underwear."

This strategy has worked well for 2UNDR, which launched the product internationally at the PGA Show in Orlando in January,  especially when paired with an innovative approach to distribution. By placing its briefs in front of distributors that understand technical fabric solutions in the sporting industry, 2UNDR has been able to create a niche for itself, retailing in pro golf shops where there are few if any competing brands and effectively building a new category for the golf industry.

"Unique distribution, along with Coldskin™ technology, has provided 2UNDR with the product differentiation it needs to gain a competitive-edge in the fast moving, hyper-competitive underwear industry," says Martin Doane, Garmatex's CEO. 

2UNDR's Gearshift underwear is currently worn by a number of professional sporting enthusiasts, including long drive world record golfer Mike Dobbyn, 13-time PGA Tour winner David Toms and motocross pro Ronnie Renner, to name a few.
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