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Pivotal Revelations on Digital Experience With Best Buy Canada

Digital interactivity experts Ricky Hon (Interactive Display and Design Leader at Best Buy Canada) and IV Dickson (Chief Innovation Officer at SageNet) discuss implementing a thriving digital experience for customers, from designing and testing to monitoring and maintenance.

Hon and Dickson join RIS editor, Maia Jenkins, to discuss the pivotal, ‘aha’ moments encountered while working together to implement Best Buy Canada’s digital signage initiatives. Hon speaks from decades of experience leading interactive display and design at Best Buy Canada, while Dickson brings insight from his decades-long career culminating as Chief Innovation Officer (CIVO) at SageNet.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Top considerations when designing, testing, and launching a new digital experience.
  • Real-world examples from Best Buy Canada's digital journey.
  • Measuring and quantifying the success of digital signage initiatives and digital experiences more broadly.