Improves Customer Service Response Time by 60 Percent

9/11/2008 reduces average handle times (AHT) by 60% and substantially increased first-contact resolution of customer service emails in the three years since the initial implementation of eGain Mail.

The retailer uses eGain Mail to intelligently route incoming e-mails. eGain Mail is a part of eGain Service, a customer service software for building unified multi-channel customer interaction hubs. These hubs reduce customer interaction costs and enhance customer experience, service quality and contact center efficiencies. has achieved the following result since implementing eGain:

- A 30% reduction in average handle time (AHT) through the use of eGain's knowledge base, which 'auto-suggests' answers to agents based on the content of incoming emails. 
- An additional 30% reduction in AHT through the use of eGain's agent console, which enables customer service representatives to access information from existing business systems from within eGain through the eGain Data Adapter. This eliminates the need to invoke a separate application to access such data.

- A 40% increase in First-Contact Resolution (FCR) through the use of eGain Mail's knowledge base, which provides accurate answers that help resolve customer issues the very first time.

"We deployed eGain Mail to help agents handle e-mail customer service queries more quickly and accurately," says Jeff Gross, Customer Service Manager at "The solution also has reduced the need for agent training and has allowed us to provide personalized responses while promoting related offerings in the context of service queries."
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