POINT 3 Innovates to Help Basketballers Elevate Their Game

You got game, you're the best baller on the court, you break away — and the ball slips out of your hands. That might not have happened if you'd been wearing POINT 3's BALLER performance game shorts, made with sweat-absorbent DRYV Moisture Control panels to keep your hands dry — and eliminate turnovers.

As common on the court as the dribble, pass and shoot, is the hands-wipe-on-shorts and face-tuck-to-shoulder. Problem is, the material there is often not absorbent. In fact, it's designed to be just the opposite — after all, no one wants to play in clothes soaked in sweat, either.

Enter POINT 3 Basketball and its DRYV Moisture Control, a patent-pending textile technology designed to absorb moisture/perspiration from a user's extremities. Debuted by the company as part of its overall launch in late 2010, DRYV pairs a hydrophilic (moisture absorbing) outer layer with a hydrophobic (moisture wicking) inner layer, providing users with a moisture-absorbing exterior fabric incorporated into the garment to keep their hands and faces dry. "The launch of DRYV Moisture Control may be the first apparel innovation specifically for basketball players since the tank top!" says Michael Luscher, founder.

POINT 3 apparel is intended specifically to help basketball players feel more comfortable so they can perform better and "get into the zone," in both senses of the word. Each of its garments is designed specifically with this goal in mind. Wearing the BALLER is like having a swatch of towel sewn into the sides; the SNYPER T-shirt offers the same in the shoulders. The hood of the HOODIE is cut back around the eyes for maximum court visibility and the SAK features a drawstring opening big enough to hold your basketball.

"POINT 3 Basketball is the only company exclusively dedicated to basketball apparel," says Luscher. "In the activewear space, there are a wealth of apparel brands manufacturing exclusively for specific activities such as running, yoga, golf and baseball. Yet basketball, the No. 1 most popular team sport in the U.S. with more than 33 million participants, has only 'generalists' like Nike,/Jordan, adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, focused mostly on footwear, and selling apparel as an afterthought," he says. "POINT 3 Basketball is going to change all that."
— Jordan K. Speer

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