PowerReviews Launches Customer Reviews for Small and Mid-sized Retailers

PowerReviews introduces PowerReviews Express - a customer reviews solution designed specifically with small and mid-sized retailers in mind.

PowerReviews Express is now available in a package designed for smaller retailers on PowerReviewsExpress.com and offers the same capabilities as its Enterprise Solution. PowerReviews Express offers a set of features including "Verified Buyer" -  a system that builds consumer confidence with more reviews, and "Review Snapshot" - an at-a-glance review summary that streamlines the research process for consumers.

In addition to consumer-facing features, PowerReviews Express also includes full Content Moderation services - a process where each review is read by a PowerReviews moderator and screened for inflammatory and non-product-related content. Plus, Express offers a five-step Implementation Wizard for quick and easy set-up.
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