AI in Marketing
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Practical Strategies Reaping Real Benefits With AI in Marketing

miroslav dimitrov
Miroslav Dimitrov is President of

With artificial intelligence taking center stage today, retailers and consumer packaged goods companies find themselves at a crossroads, wondering how to navigate the hype around AI while also serving business needs.

Miroslav Dimitrov, president of, and RIS News/CGT editor Maia Jenkins dig deeper into the findings of the recent Beyond the Hype: AI in Marketing Infographic to explore generative and conversational AI.

Building on case studies and examples from his own business, Dimotrov also discusses practical strategies for retailers and CPGs to reap real benefits from their AI investments and touches on how to build a more intelligent, data-informed marketing strategy.

About the Speaker

Miro has spent the last 10 years in the enterprise software world and SAP ecosystem driving digital transformation programs and projects for large enterprises across various industries and continents. In 2018, he shifted his focus to corporate innovation where he led the SAP.iO Foundry in Berlin and helped entrepreneurs build world-class products and scale their business in the enterprise segment. In 2021, Miro joined the newly formed team with an ambitious mission of revolutionizing strategic consumer intelligence.

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