Predictix Brings AWS Benefits to Retail Enterprises

Predictix recently achieved Advanced Consulting Partner level with the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN), thereby bringing the benefits of AWS to enterprise retail customers with its cutting-edge merchandising decisions solutions running on the AWS platform.

A technology provider of cloud-native, predictive analytics solutions for retailers, Predictix harnesses the unlimited computing power and elasticity of the cloud to solve tough problems in planning, merchandising and supply chain. Predictix applications were designed and built from the ground up to take advantage of the cloud, big data and predictive analytics, and the results are helping top-tier retailers change the way they do business and achieve economic and business advantages.

For example, a Top 10 U.S. retailer deployed Predictix applications via AWS and now generates item-store-week promotional forecasts in real time for any of their 20,000+ items in every one of their 7,000 stores—while improving forecast accuracy by 25 percent. The payoff? A demonstrated, client-documented reduction in inventory and an increase in promotional sales that materially impacts its bottom line.

Every weekend, in this same customer deployment, the Predictix application systemically calls on the power of hundreds of powerful virtual computing resources, taking about 2 TB of data, then processes and explodes it up to 10 TB to then perform sales cleansing, baseline and promotional forecasting analytics. A traditional behind-the-firewall IT solution would take one to two months to run the same batch using an on-premises data center approach—a powerful testimony to the ability of Predictix to leverage the AWS infrastructure.

"Predictix is excited about becoming an Advanced Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network to benefit our customers," said John Simon, CEO, Predictix. "Predictix is the premier provider of cloud-based solutions for retail, and we are really pleased about expanding our offerings so that we can help retailers take advantage of the cloud in new and innovative ways. We believe our practical experience in using AWS to solve challenging computing problems can be an advantage to other companies as well."
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