Product News - February 2003


Aria Systems announces expanded features for dyers, finishers, converters, importers, knitters and other companies engaged in the sale and distribution of textiles. Aria has added the ability to track sales and distribution of raw materials to its module for sourcing raw materials. New features include functions to control rolls, dye lots, multiple locations, multiple currencies, straight purchases, textile converting, integrated imaging and integration with many third-party design programs. The new features are fully integrated into the Aria ERP system and work with Aria modules.

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Avery Dennison Fastener Division introduces the Avery DennisonTM StringTachTM Tag Attaching System. The product securely fastens brand, product care and price tags to apparel, footwear, jewelry, eyewear, handbags and leather goods. Product applications are men's and women's suits, dress shirts, casual wear, golf attire, watches and sunglasses. The StringTachTM Tag Attaching System consists of a thread section made of polyester integrated with a molded plastic head at one end and a molded plastic tail at the other. StringTachT fasteners are attached by manually inserting the tail section into the head section, forming a secure loop. They are available in standard lengths of 4.7 inches and 7.9 inches, and in either black or white. The fasteners can also be ordered in other lengths and in special colors that match the colors of a brand's logo or its merchandise.

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Checkpoint Systems Inc. introduces the FOXTM system, an unobtrusive floor and overhead radio-frequency electronic article surveillance (RF-EAS) system. The system provides unlimited aisle width surveillance coverage without impacting customer traffic flow or merchandise layout and design, the company reports. The FOX system works in conjunction with Checkpoint's integrated branding/security tags as well as both disposable and reusable RF tags and labels. With the system, retailers can place expensive merchandise on open display to facilitate the sales experience, simultaneously providing a loss prevention solution. The RF antennas can be installed at all store entry and exit points and mall openings without detracting from their appearance.

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DuPont introduces expanded DuPont ArtistriT technology for digital textile printing. The three main components of the system are: DuPont Artistri Color Control and Management System (CCMS); DuPont Artistri Ink; and the new DuPont Ink Jet 2020 printer. This offering is a fully integrated, production-capable, digital textile and apparel printing solution, DuPont reports. The system can print samples, strike-offs and short-run production orders. It is designed to improve productivity by reducing the design-to-production cycle from weeks to days.

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eWarna introduces XDyes, a Web-based color recipe formulation application. The XDyes system allows dyestuff manufacturers to add real-time color recipe formulation functionality to their Web sites. Web site visitors are able to formulate recipes for their target colors from the dyestuff manufacturer's range of dyes. The XDyes system uses the Kubelka-Munk function for recipe prediction. The program calculates all possible dye combinations based on the dyes selected from the dyestuff manufacturer's entire range and produces recipes with results closest to the target color. The best three recipes for results within a dE value of less than 2.0 are shown. Visitors can also select primary and secondary illuminants in order to forecast any instances of metamerism.

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Glenoit Fabrics (H.G.) Corp. introduces Casalana wool blend pile. The fabric looks and feels similar to wool flannel, but is fully washable. It contains 35 percent washable wool content, 50 percent microfiber acrylic for lightweight softness, 10 percent nylon and 5 percent polyester.

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LABELMATE introduces the Model LD-100S label dispenser for use with transparent or very small labels. The dispenser is foot-switch operated and has variable speed control. Its built-in label roll holder accepts up to an 8.5-inch roll size and any core diameter from 1.5 inches to three inches. The LD-100S has heavy-gauge steel construction, requires no maintenance and is backed by LABELMATE's three-year parts and labor warranty.

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M&R Sales & Service Inc. has added the Habanero Flash Cure System to its line of printing equipment. Habanero incorporates controls and durability into a fully portable flash cure system for automatic presses, the company reports. It is available in six sizes, from 18 inches by 18 inches to 26 inches by 32 inches. Standard features include digital temperature controls, operation indicator lights, solid-state circuitry, a fully insulated panel guard to minimize exterior heat and an infrared panel, which automatically shuttles into position on most M&R automatic presses. Habanero also includes floor-leveling wheels on a sturdy, height-adjustable stand. Habanero is a free-standing unit that can also be used on manual presses.

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Radici Spandex Corp. introduces Type S72, a polyester-based elastane designed to provide enhanced power and recovery. Type S72 has high tenacity, dye receptivity and whiteness retention. It has a 600 percent breaking elongation and resistance to acid and caustic solutions. Available in full-dull and clear lusters, Type S72 is hydrolysis resistant.

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SATO America Inc. introduces its RFID Kit for SATO CL408e (2) and CL412e (2) printers. The RFID Kit is compatible with CL408e and CL412e printers with serial numbers higher than 20390000. Utilizing high-frequency chips embedded in the labels, the SATO RFID Kit enables the CL408e (2) and CL412e (2) printers to print on the label and program the chip inside the label simultaneously. The SATO RFID Kit allows these "smart labels" to be read if the label is not in the line of vision of the reader. Thus, the labels can be read through packaging. Additionally, the information encoded in the label or tag can be changed during its lifetime, which avoids the need to remove and re-label items. The printers with RFID capability are designed for: anti-theft applications, asset tracking, baggage tags, factory automation, healthcare uses, industrial ID, pallet tagging and process control.

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Wasatch Computer Technology Inc. introduces the Contour Cutting Utility for SoftRIP version 4.5. The new add-on feature makes it easy to drive most digital cutters and print/cut inkjet plotters using cutting paths created in major draw applications, the company reports. The Contour Cutting Utility is compatible with cutting plotters manufactured by Allen Datagraph, Graphtec, Mimaki and Roland DGA.

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Tracy Haisley is associate editor of Apparel and may be reached at [email protected].

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