Product News - June 2003


A2000 has added new enhanced event tracking with e-mail notification to its ERP system. Also added is the ability to create multiple item/style cost sheets for various production scenarios during the global sourcing phase. The improvements are designed to eliminate the need for Excel spreadsheets, faxes, manual reports, etc. during costing and to improve the ability to compare costs of global production options.

Ken Winer . 212-629-8800 . ReaderLink #94

ASAP of Georgia Inc. has released the Visual AS/APT Email Alert System (EAS) and direct e-mail and fax capabilities. The EAS can be attached to any module in the AS/APT Apparel System, and will automatically send e-mail notifications about exceptions or other events identified by the company to employees or customers. The firm's new e-mail and fax capabilities enable users to automatically e-mail or fax documents within the AS/AP system, such as purchase orders (POs), invoices, etc.

Carrie Sagel Burns . 770-993-4141 . ReaderLink #95

Avery Dennison InfoChain ExpressT has released InfoChain ExpressT Version 2.0 for global order processing and execution. This version includes a more intuitive user interface and a task-oriented workflow system that minimizes the amount of end-user training required. It also allows the use of many different data transmission methods, such as VAN, FTP and e-mail, in any combination. For faster processing of POs, the system automates the generation, acceptance, change and replacement of POs while allowing manual PO entry at the factory/manufacturer level. Buyers can make specific rules (i.e., "full cartons only" or "allow mixed cartons") either mandatory or optional within a specific supply chain. For greater packing accuracy and shipping flexibility, the system supports split shipments and multiple-PO shipments. A shipment-scan feature ensures the accuracy of advance ship notices (ASNs), which InfoChain Express can accommodate in a wide range of formats to easily integrate with the systems of brand owners, consolidators and retailers, the company reports.

Chris Pfister . 508-383-4038 . ReaderLink #96

eWarna has launched LabWorks Pro, a new release of its Internet-based collaborative color management software that lets users work with digital color the way they work with physical swatches, cutting and pasting between folders and palettes that can be shared and searched around the world. LabWorks Pro is designed to deliver streamlined color management with an intuitive user interface and a flexible structure that allows for efficient data organization and communication. End users of LabWorks Pro can include anyone involved in the color approval cycle. For suppliers, it offers built-in recipe formulation and prediction tools, with shareable dye-loadings and recipes, as well as a color measurement module that works with a wide range of spectrophotometers. For retailers, LabWorks Pro brings flexible color management that can seamlessly integrate with XML-based software, including eWarna's XMatch application for both color and supply chain quality control.

Richard Lawn . 606-317-1333 . ReaderLink #97

E-Z Stitches has introduced the E-Z Estimator 4.5. Designed to provide accurate time and pricing estimates for small- to medium-sized shops, this version includes a stitch estimator, appliqu estimator and data from stock design companies such as Dakota Collectibles, Great Notions, OESD and Floriani Embroidery. Some new features include an intellectual property release, employment agreement, company policy manual and income estimator. The latter determines how many items you must sew to reach your income goal.

Jim Serritella . 301-253-3971 . ReaderLink #98

Freeborders Inc. has released FB iPDM 2.6, an enhanced product data management (PDM) solution designed to enable retailers and brands to collaborate on product innovations and specifications on a global basis. FB iPDM 2.6 provides advanced specification development capabilities, including quick costing for one-touch margin and sourcing-scenario analysis. Its embedded workflow and exception reporting enables all users to adhere to a development calendar and ensure on-time delivery, the company reports.

David Knudsen . 415-433-4700 . ReaderLink #99

Geac has launched System 21 Aurora, a new version of its ERP solution for the fashion industry. Geac reports that the new version represents its most significant investment in System 21 since it acquired the software from JBA International four years ago. Aurora features a java workspace, and thin-client access for users. New process management tools streamline the act of alerting different parties of situations that need attention, such as inventory stockouts or production delays. A new Enterprise setup is available for companies that need improved visibility into their global facilities. Aurora is integrated with Geac's RunTime QuestPDM product development software as well as with solutions from TradePoint Systems, a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider. Through its partnership with TradePoint, Geac is offering enhanced import/export documentation and faster access to other logistics data, such as order status, says Sharon Crawford, international product manager for System 21. Equipped with Web-based collaboration tools from RunTime, a division of Geac, System 21 Aurora is designed to allow customers, suppliers and remote salespeople to access and input critical data. Data from other systems can be quickly assimilated into System 21 Aurora through IBM middleware, Geac reports.

Alastair Middleton . [email protected] . ReaderLink #100

Insta Graphic Systems has introduced two new transfer processes, including high-density transfer and glitter flock transfer. The high-density transfer process creates height and depth with a dramatic 3-D look. A less expensive alternative to welding, high density is applied as a heat transfer and can be used with lithos and still achieve great detail, the company reports. Graphics can be made unique by adding foil to get a polished look. It can be used on cotton and on lights and darks and comes in a spectrum of colors. The glitter flock transfer is a one-step transfer to be used with 100 percent cotton or cotton-blend fabrics for both light and dark colors. Available in black flock with either silver or gold glitter highlights, glitter flock transfers have a plush 3-D fashion textured look and feel.

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M.J. Foley Co. has introduced two pieces of add-on equipment, pneumatic and electronic, for monitoring the thread tension values on industrial sewing machines. These devices can measure and display the compressive force applied to the top thread tensioning discs. With the device installed, an operator can reference the digital display to set the tension value according to various fabric types. The devices are designed to enable accurate and reliable change from and return to any tension value setting. The monitoring devices can be used for quality improvement, such as better processing of various fabric types and operations at a single workstation as well as topstitching or sewing other design seams on expensive fabrics. Other applications include plant standardization, engineering and product design.

Matthew J. Westbrook . 586-948-6070 . ReaderLink #102

Mount Vernon Mills has introduced ComfortZoneT stretch fabrics in denim and twill in 98 percent cotton/2 percent Lycra spandex blends.

Dale McCollum (denim) . 800-451-7205/Billy Havird (twill) . 822-845-8857 . ReaderLink #103

RedPrairie Corp. has announced release 2.0 of DLx Integrator, its enterprise applications integration framework for logistics. It is designed to provide powerful transaction mapping capabilities, support for leading communication protocols (including XML and HTTP), a certified adapter to SAP, as well as adapters for Oracle and PeopleSoft ERP suites. Enhancements include: a real-time, graphical network monitor, which allows users to see transactional problems across the network, with the ability to drill down to detect and repair the underlying problem; and embedded event management, which notifies appropriate personnel if a transactional problem occurs (e.g. an interface to a material handling system is down or an order download with a data quality problem was detected) so that corrective action can be taken promptly.

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Stahls' Inc. has introduced Official NHL All-Star Kits. Each kit contains front and back numbers, player name, the applicable team and country patches and an Official NHL player label and hangtag. Official NHL All-Star jerseys may be personalized in a variety of ways with Stahls' patented poly-twill two-color letters and numbers. Choice of player names includes those from the Eastern and Western Conference All-Star rosters or any NHL rising stars. A personal name and number may also be paired with any of the available team and country patches.

Keith Giertz . 586-859-4329 . ReaderLink #105

Truvian Technologies Inc. has introduced the TruVista HD digital catalog service (patent pending) in cooperation with leading motocross apparel manufacturer Answer Racing Inc. On Truvian-enabled Web sites, TruVista HD appears as an intuitive, seamlessly integrated window. Within the TruVista HD window, users may mix, match, move and rotate combinations of 3-D products. TruVista HD users can access detailed close-up images, view descriptive product information, check pricing and totals and see interactive pointers to product features.

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TRACY HAISLEY is associate editor of Apparel and may be reached at [email protected].

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