Product News - May 2004


 New products from suppliers to the apparel industry.

Adexa Inc. announced the general availability of version 5.3 of its Enterprise Global Planning System (eGPS). The release offers two new business applications. Collaborative Operations Planning (COP) creates and synchronizes aggregated cost-optimized (or profit-maximized) multi-site procurement, production distribution and allocation plans. Assembly Line Sequencing (ALS) optimizes production sequences by dynamically considering upstream and downstream operations to resolve material, capacity and labor constraints.

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Concept III International has developed several fabrics incorporating T-400, a new fiber that combines Coolmax with a hybrid form of Lycra spandex. The new fabrics will be available from Kingwhale, exclusively through Concept III. Along with superior stretch and recovery properties, T-400 has a cross-section that improves fabric breathability and moisture management, the company reports. Additionally, Concept III has developed T-400 fleece fabrics in a weight range suitable for base-layer to mid-layer to outerwear.

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Consoltex Inc. announced the addition of four-way stretch double-faced fabrics to its S3 TechnologiesTM line. Features include: high breathability and wind resistance; nylon abrasion-resistant face and a polyester back with moisture management properties; and super water repellant finish (trade mark pending). Consoltex has also developed new fabrics using T-400 stretch polyester fibers. The T-400 technology enhances fabric performance in areas such as lower shrinkage, relaxed stretch, lasting recovery and greater abrasion resistance, Consoltex reports.

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DAK Americas announced the release of Delcron HydroPur Fiber, designed to resist deterioration from microbes; resist mildew and odors; prevent discoloration and odors caused by fungal growth; inhibit the growth of bacterial odors; and dry quickly. The fiber combines the technology of SteriPurAM antimicrobial product with its moisture management product, Delcron Hydrotec Fiber. It also features Antimicrobial AlphaSan from Milliken. AlphaSan is a zirconium phosphate-based ceramic ion exchange resin that contains silver.

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Dalco Athletic Lettering has released the DK7 digital cap heat press, designed to apply heat transfers to a range of ball cap styles at the production level. It has a solid steel welded framework and supercoil-microwinding heater technology designed to ensure consistent heat and pressure. The temperature readout has an accuracy of +/- 2 degrees F, and it records the number of completed pressing cycles. The dimensions of the press are 19 inches long by 12 inches wide by 18 inches high with a printing area of 4 inches by 7 inches; and it is available in 110-volt or 220-volt models. Interchangeable top and bottom tables are available to do flat left chest designs on shirts. A smaller, curved bottom table is offered for imported caps.

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Global Software Inc. has released Spreadsheet Server, an analytical tool designed to give apparel financial executives an instant, microscopic examination of a company's general ledger data, including cash, inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable and return from marketable securities. The data is presented in granular detail on the desktop using an Excel spreadsheet. A companion product from Executive DASHT can provide a dashboard-style view of other corporate metrics, such as sales, payroll and cost accounting.

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Gunold USA is now offering Prime Polyester, 100 percent polyester thread with a shiny, silky luster. It is available in 5,000-meter cones in 50 colors.

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Intex introduced the X-poseT performance printing system, designed to offer finished printed fabrics with better print clarity, wash fastness and hand, and without the high minimums and long lead times often associated with yarn-dyed fabric. Employing advanced multicolor printing technology, X-pose is compatible with woven shirting and bottom weights, jersey and pique knits and nonwoven polyester fabrics. Intex reports that X-pose prints exhibit better dye penetration and no grin-through when compared with heat transfer, or sublimation, printing. X-pose employs the use of lower processing temperatures than heat transfer printing, which allows for greater width utilization and less shrinkage. Intex reports X-pose printing will not crush pile fabrics and offers shade consistency (sleeve-to-body, roll-to-roll and lot-to-lot).

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Quixxsmart Structures Inc. has added a slide-glide feature to its Profile Series roller track. The addition is designed to allow for consistent and smooth carton flow. The Profile Series roller track has a full-length, captive T-slot on each side, providing a tool-free guide attachment without increasing roller track footprint. This containment method eliminates possible carton misalignment that can cause backlog jams in part-feeding operations. The roller track measures 35 mm high by 40 mm wide and features two diameter wheels (33mm and 44 mm).

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Raymark announced the release of XVisionT, a tool designed to enable retailers to increase revenue while decreasing back orders and inventory surplus. The solution leverages Computer Associates' (CA) CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server. XVision infers relationships between customer buying behavior and inventory classifications. Stores can use the data to offer purchasing suggestions to customers, and the retail head office can use XVision as an advanced replenishment system for reordering. Buyers can use the system to help predict future stock demand. XVision also may be used for inventory optimization, such as moving stock to the best location for optimized turnover. XVision is Web-based and can be integrated as a point solution to enhance a retail back office system, or used in conjunction with Raymark's Xpert-Series retail merchandise management and point-of-sale software suite.

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SATRA has launched a new version of its VisionStitch system for improving apparel stitching machine performance and operator training. The computerized system is an integrated training, operator and machine performance system, which uses visual displays to help companies maximize stitching machine performance, train new operators and improve the performance of experienced workers. It is applicable to all stitching equipment regardless of size, stitching method, machinery, price bracket or fashion content.

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Sun Microsystems Inc. and Manugistics Group Inc. have reported improvements to Manugistics' Store-Level Replenishment Solution. The companies changed the architecture of the application to the Java 2T Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EET), running on the SolarisT Operating System on SPARC technology. Retailers using the solution may now forecast demand at the individual store level, rather than at the distribution center level. The companies report a 250 percent increase in performance vs. the previous version.

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Tharo Systems Inc. announced the release of the THARO H-426 and H-434 Series of thermal transfer label printers, suited for high-volume printing. These all-metal printers are available in 203 dpi or 300 dpi. The printers feature: full backlit LCD; standard real-time clock; compatibility with "ink In" or "ink Out" ribbons; 450-meter ribbon capacity; standard serial, parallel, PS/2 and USB interfaces; and stripper sensor for strip-and-peel or tear-off applications. The H-series printers also contain internal memory for storing downloaded label formats, graphics and fonts. Using this memory, the printers can operate without being connected to a computer. The printers ship with a free version of Tharo Systems' EASYLABEL Start software for custom designing and printing bar code labels.

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Trax Retail Solutions (Trax) announced the launch of SmartStore Scorecards, which provide real-time data to measure and track key performance indicators (KPI), such as customers per no sale. Scorecards can be used to set KPI goals, and analyze performance against goals.

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TRACY HAISLEY is associate editor of Apparel.

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