Profitect Integrates Queue Analytics Into POS

Profitect is now making available Queue Analytics solution as part of its Point of Sale module. 

The Queue Analytics solution integrates the store traffic data with Profitect's predictive analytics. The integration leverages a retailer's investment in traffic conversion solutions, such as i3 International, enabling retailers to identify the appropriate number of tills needed to maximize customer service levels and cashier utilization, while reducing wait times at the checkout.

Queue Analytics looks at the most granular level of information, helping retailers maximize customer traffic flow at the checkout.  Retailers will be able to compare daily and weekly activity, and understand store queue times and service levels.  Store managers immediately can be notified through multiple communication channels, including SMS messages sent to their mobile device, reducing customer wait time and increasing overall service.

"We're truly excited about the Queue Analytics solution," says Guy Yehiav, CEO of Profitect.  "By incorporating traffic data and video, customers will be able to better engage their stores and manage their resources. The combination of pattern analytics, provided by Profitect, and cutting-edge digital video technology, provided by i3, automatically identify hidden insights and patterns, helping managers direct staffing resources to the appropriate place, shortening queue length, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing dropped baskets to zero."
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