Profiting from Insight


A consistent view of each customer's behavior is critical for retailers who strive to identify and effectively reach their most valuable customers. Many companies, though, have data scattered across the enterprise, making it virtually impossible to have a 360-degree view of customers.
Leading retailers are looking to CRM applications to acquire the information they need to improve the customer experience. Retailers with more knowledge of their customers are able to develop services and products that are targeted to today's more demanding consumers and in turn are able to secure a more loyal customer base.

Reaching the Customer

EpicorCRS RetailStore 3.0 based on Microsoft .NET, delivers a host of new features designed to improve customer service and in-store operations, as well as increase information sharing among stores, other retail channels and operations. Information is immediately available to both the in-store personnel at the POS, as well as to other authorized associates located throughout the enterprise. Associates can access up-to-the-minute customer information via their phone number, loyalty card number and/or by their name and address.

Controlling All Levels

StreetSmart CRM, a fully managed, on-demand application, is designed to track information at three interrelated levels €” contact, organization and opportunities €” each with its own events, status, comments, history and follow-up actions. Categories, sub-categories and data fields in each section can be customized online to match specific needs.

Customer Insight

Lawson's Customer Lifecycle InSight software application is geared to help retailers obtain greater value from their customer base. The software provides a view of customers' purchasing behavior over time, which retailers can use to develop marketing activities that increase the right kind of customer traffic, reduce churn and increase average purchase size.

Hybrid CRM

Moving toward a completely on-demand CRM model, SAP's most recent CRM release, CRM 2006s, is a "hybrid" on-demand/on-premise CRM suite. SAP CRM 2006s has industry-specific capabilities, full Web service-enabling and an interface that is shared across on-demand and on-premise deployment options.

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