Propper Seeing Benefits with Lawson ERP

Propper International, a manufacturer specializing in military and law enforcement gear, reports it is gaining business benefits through its use of Lawson's M3 Enterprise Management System.

The company shared its story at the 2009 Lawson Conference and User Exchange (CUE) held recently in San Diego, citing benefits including gains in efficiency and greater control over inventory and distribution with the Lawson implementation.

Propper recently upgraded to the most recent version of M3 and completed a rapid implementation of Lawson's Enterprise Mobility solution at the same time. The latter solution provides tools to help companies gain greater control and agility in managing inventory and distribution.

The company also recently purchased the newly released Lawson M3 Analytics package.

Following a three-month migration to the latest Lawson M3 7.1 application suite, Propper and Lawson report they completed the implementation of Lawson Enterprise Mobility in less than two weeks.

"By moving to the most current Lawson system, we can gain greater value from the integrated modular software offerings from Lawson," said Devin McCarthy, IT director for Propper. "The mobility solution is a great illustration of this. For example, we can now classify goods, scan items directly as they arrive on a truck and immediately know if an item is a backordered item. We can move the merchandise to the front of the line to quickly fill a backorder request."

Propper is a supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense, among others.

Also at CUE, Lawson announced two new products: Lawson Smart Office 9.0.3 and Lawson Enterprise Search. The former provides a more visual user experience, the firm reports, with enterprise "mashups" that integrate with external applications such as Google maps and other web-based business tools.

Lawson Enterprise Search was unveiled to facilitate searches to structured and unstructured data, including across the Lawson S3 enterprise system and the Lawson business intelligence solution.

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