PTT Makes Inroads Again in Retail

Just more than three years ago, a young technology company launched a new push-to-talk (PTT) application in the U.S that essentially turned smart devices into walkie-talkies, all managed by a computer browser.  At the time, the concept of using software apps to enhance voice communications was just beginning to emerge.  But, as carriers and networks advanced to where WiFi and data were accessible almost everywhere, the option to connect via app naturally materialized. Consumers were the first to adopt this innovative application and today, Zello serves over 90 million registered users around the globe.

Many consumers use Zello's voice app to quickly message friends instead of texting, which has helped reduce the number of distracted drivers on the road.  Additionally, Zello has become an international "social radio" through their unlimited array of public channels, which bring millions of voices together for common interests.

Now, Zello's app is fast becoming a valuable tool for business users as well.  Virtually every industry can benefit from adding secure PTT voice messaging to its existing communication infrastructure, be it mobile computer, land mobile radio, smart phone, iPod Touch or tablet. Zello's cross-platform app allows users to stay connected, even in dead zones, and provides a quicker way to contact a home base, other team members or the dispatch center.

Transportation and hospitality are just a two examples of the many growing categories that employ Zello's enterprise version.  New markets are arising daily as industries discover how useful it is, including retail, law enforcement, hospitals, non-profits and events of all types.  When it comes to communicating with groups, voice is best — and Zello is the easiest, fastest and safest way to do it.

Nayeli Cortina, technical sales associate at Zello Inc. said, "Our app is critical to industries that are required to communicate while driving, such as transportation-based businesses, field service professions and even firefighters. Many are already using data devices like GPS dispatching tablets.  Zello provides an easy way to use these devices to quickly convey voice messages on the go without distracting the driver."

Zello's app works beautifully, however its success is reliant on the quality of the networks and devices being used.  Oftentimes smart phones or tablets aren't audible enough, especially in high-noise environments, so adding the right accessory is key.  Among Cortina's responsibilities is developing partnerships with hardware resources to optimize the effectiveness of Zello's app.

Of the many compatible hardware accessories Zello authorizes as certified partners, Pryme Radio is one of the few that has kept pace with evolving technology. In addition to offering headsets and Bluetooth speaker mics that facilitate listening and speaking clearly in loud settings, the dedicated PTT buttons allow users to communicate without ever having to touch their other devices. This is crucial to driver safety.

"One of the things I like most about Pryme is that they're constantly innovating to meet current needs," said Cortina.  "Pryme has taken the lead in developing accessories that are compatible with Android as well as IOS devices, even incorporating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in accordance with Apple technology."

For example, one of the Pryme products Zello offers is the Storm Trooper BTH-600 speaker mic.  It looks and functions like a radio, but is small enough to fit in a pocket, and the PTT feature lets users swiftly communicate without having to deal with their other devices. This product is particularly popular within the transportation and field services sectors because of its iOS compatibility.

Another Pryme product Zello provides is the PrymeBlu® BTH-300 Headset Kit.  It's one of the only Bluetooth wireless accessories that make discrete communications possible with its built-in wireless PTT button and microphone, plus it converts any Apple compatible wired audio accessory into a Bluetooth headset. There are many markets where discretion is of utmost importance, such as hospitality and retail, and this product would be an asset to their communications protocol.

Currently, Zello offers five different Pryme accessories on their website.  All are ruggedized, deliver extended battery life, and can be clipped on or attached to almost any place the user desires.

"Zello is like a 2-way radio on steroids, but streamlined," Cortina said.  "Users can replay messages that were missed with radio, take and send photos related to a job, or anything else that a smart phone can do.  But it's really the hardware accessories that make Zello so similar to a 2-way radio."

Whether the business is a freight corporation or courier, a medical transport or limo service, an electric company or aviation facility, a furnishings retailer or hotel chain, they all have one thing in common — they depend on the Zello Walkie Talkie App for instant voice communications.