A Q&A With Target's CIO

The CIO of Target, Mike McNamara, recently reflected on highlights of the last year on Target's A Bullseye View blog. McNamara noted one of the first big things that struck him was that the company had more than 800 IT projects underway.

"That’s a staggering number. Even for a company Target’s size," he said.

The Q&A with the prominent CIO goes into how he got the list of projects down to less than 100 and what the results of being so focused were. He covers how about 70% of engineering staff was third-party contractors vs. 30% Target team members and how, in just a year’s time, the company has completely flipped that ratio.

He also talks about how Target has hired about 700 engineers in the Twin Cities and Bangalore, India, as well as how 25% of experienced hires have been women. Going forward Target is going to keep adding technology talent.

Click here to read the full Q&A, "Target CIO: Prioritizing Stores, Digital, Supply Chain and Hiring Engineers."
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