QR Platform Helps Apparel Retailers Engage Shoppers

ClikGenie introduced the first quick response (QR) mobile merchandising solution tailored specifically to the needs of apparel retailers and brand owners.
ClikGenie 1.0 enables apparel companies to effectively engage mobile shoppers while they are in store by offering specific product information via image, text, video and audio. ClikGenie 1.0 supports all major code platforms, including EZcode, QR, MS Tag and Data Matrix.
“ClikGenie 1.0 makes it easy for businesses to rapidly implement QR programs across their stores or product lines,” says George K. Hoffman, ClikGenie Inc.’s president and founder. “It is a complete 2D program that includes code management, content format, content creation, 24/7 vendor access and comprehensive scan analytics.”
ClikGenie 1.0 is a turnkey mobile merchandising solution. “Whether it’s a sportswear brand wanting to show its latest footwear innovation video or a fashion retailer tempting shoppers with images of accessories perfectly coordinated with that on-trend dress, the solution can be implemented quickly and cost effectively.
“Anyone doubting that U.S. shoppers are increasingly embracing this technology need only look at comScore’s recently published report,” Hoffman adds. “It states that ‘over 14 million Americans scanned QR codes on their mobile phones in June 2011.[1]
“Plus, a 2011 Accenture[2] report found that 70 percent of smartphone users say they would find it useful to scan the product barcode to obtain more information about the item."
Hoffman notes that big box stores such as Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowe’s have all recently launched QR programs to provide their in-store customers with immediate access to product information.
A video demonstrating how ClikGenie 1.0 can inspire in-store shoppers is located at www.ClikGenie.com.

[2] Accenture - “Retail in an Era of Mobility", Jan. 2011

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