QuantiSense Helps Develop New ARTS Data Warehouse Design for Business Intelligence

QuantiSense collaborates with the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), a division of the National Retail Federation, in creating the new ARTS data warehouse model designed exclusively for retail business intelligence (BI). The model is designed to make information easily accessible throughout the retail enterprise in order to support action-oriented decision making and ultimately improve the overall business. 

QuantiSense CTO and co-founder Juan Pereira worked alongside leading retailers and other BI vendors to develop ARTS' first data warehouse blueprint. The ARTS model underscores the importance of implementing a data warehouse to truly leverage the vast array of information collected in today's dynamic retail organization. It provides a roadmap of best practices in data warehouse design, outlines a standard methodology for sourcing data from enterprise systems, and can help retailers better evaluate data warehousing and BI solutions in the market. The model includes definitions of many key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide retailers in capturing and storing the data required to deliver the right information to BI systems.

 "QuantiSense was very supportive of the ARTS data warehouse model, and Juan Pereira was instrumental in working with our committee to develop the new design," said Richard Mader, executive director, ARTS. "We appreciate his technical expertise and insight and look forward to continued contributions from QuantiSense."