QuantiSense, Netezza Jointly Deliver BI, Analytics

QuantiSense collaborates with Netezza to deliver its business intelligence and analytics application developed exclusively for the retail industry. Retailers will be able to use QuantiSense Playbooks, a set of "plays" unique for each retail job role that helps guide users to make better decisions and take action in response to specific situations.

QuantiSense Playbooks offer standardized decision processes that are consistent across the retail organization, giving retailers analytic capabilities to help reduce stock-outs, minimize overstocks and markdowns, identify sales upswings and downswings at the store level, and guide their users to take appropriate action based on insight.

Netezza's data warehouse and analytics appliances, including the new Netezza TwinFin appliance, help QuantiSense deliver performance from more than 1000 retail metrics built into the QuantiSense application.
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