Quantum Retail Unveils Q Version 2.3

Quantum Retail has released the most recent version of its inventory management and optimization solution, Q, available in both on-premise and on-demand formats. Q is now capable of handling all centralized inventory management activities required by major retailers.

The company says that Q has a "unique" bottom-up approach to driving allocation and replenishment for retailers that includes both inventory optimization and inventory distribution activities.

Q calculates demand and selling behavior for each product, by individual store, and does not dilute the SKU/store demand signals through traditional averaging and aggregating techniques. The demand platform dynamically creates unique SKU/store profiles for topics including seasonality, day of week, time of day and life-cycle, and manages against supply and demand side events and constraints.

According to the company, this enables Q to make the atomic-level adjustments necessary to capture extra full price sales while greatly reducing inventory investment.

Elaborating on Q's capabilities, the company notes that Q also plans orders days or months into the future because it understands how inventory is likely to be placed in stores, and automatically executes those plans as orders or allocations. These time-phased order and inventory plans can be configured to handle warehoused inventory, cross-dock, direct store deliveries, and complex internal supply networks. This enables near real-time dynamic re-planning and distribution of inventory to meet merchandising and financial objectives.

for more information: www.quantumretail.com

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