Qubit Unveils New Solutions for Beauty, Fashion and Luxury

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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Qubit has announced the availability of three new solutions designed for beauty, fashion and luxury retailers. Each package includes Qubit’s proprietary personalization platform along with specific personalization use cases that are designed to drive engagement, repeat purchases and lifetime value in these competitive and high-growth categories.

“Over the past eight years, we’ve been privileged to work with some of the world’s most innovative beauty, fashion and luxury brands,” said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. “Through these long-standing partnerships, we understand the specific challenges they face. These categories are experiencing consistent and rapid growth in their online business. Personalization is essential in order to differentiate.”

Qubit’s personalization platform includes more than 800 million monthly interactions and $600 million influenced in monthly sales combined. Using Qubit, brands can collect, ask for and analyze data from different sources and silos, derive insights, and then deploy truly personalized experiences throughout the visitor journey.

Below is a quick look at the three new solutions:

Qubit for Beauty. Beauty products are inherently personal - often going directly on the consumer’s face and body. Qubit for Beauty addresses the specific requirements of the cosmetics industry that include replicating elements of the in-store experience online, uncovering nuanced insight about the types of purchasers and their reasons for purchasing certain products.

Qubit for Luxury. Personalization defines the shopping experience for a luxury brand. Qubit for Luxury uses behavioral data, both asked and ingested, to build 1:1 digital experiences that are highly personalization, but without altering brand values. There are a number of experiences luxury retailers can deploy to tailor the experience for their discerning visitors, including: trending products, exclusive offers, tailored e-commerce experience.

Qubit for Fashion. Qubit for Fashion uses large datasets about visitor behavior, past purchases, and CRM data to drive growth. Qubit for Fashion introduces: product discover on mobile, trending product badging, and back-in-stock alerts.