QuestaWeb, AduanaSoft Streamline Mexican Customs Clearance

QuestaWeb, Inc., a provider of Web-based, integrated global trade management (GTM) solutions, has formed alliance partnership with Chihuahua, Mexico–based AduanaSoft, Inc., a provider of IT solutions that automate Mexican Customs clearance, and assure import and export compliance.

Under the terms of the alliance, QuestaWeb and AduanaSoft have integrated their software to offer a seamless solution for U.S. companies manufacturing in Mexico's maquiladora industry and thus conducting trade on both sides of the border. The single system allows companies to benefit from the IMMEX Program, while generating all required documentation in full compliance with all the regulations of both governments. Further, this alliance, in conjunction with a soon-to-be-released solution for Canada, positions the integrated system as a global trade compliance solution for all of North America.

QuestaWeb has long recognized Mexico's status as a premier sourcing locale and growing manufacturing base. However, U.S. firms seeking to leverage the market advantages arising from favorable trade agreements and geographic proximity often had to resort to separate solutions for each side of the border. Unfortunately, efforts to comply with Mexican regulations frequently created bottlenecks because the documentation produced by piecemeal solutions was inaccurate or incomplete, overlooked regulatory changes or miscalculated tariffs.

QuestaWeb sought a highly qualified partner to bring to market a single solution that could deliver the same reliable services and assured compliance that QuestaWeb's U.S. solutions do. In AduanaSoft, QuestaWeb found a leader in Web-native software with a 17-year history of excellence in serving more than 350 customers. Notably, the two companies found they already shared customers in common that would welcome the efficiencies and economies made possible by only having to enter information once.

Eduardo Ramos, CEO of AduanaSoft, says, "Manufacturing in Mexico is all about cost savings and speed to market for U.S. companies. Firms want to move raw materials/parts/components in and finished goods out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, navigating the supply chain can create bottlenecks, especially when attempting to comply with Mexican regulations. In entering into this alliance, our two companies will optimize trade between the United States and Mexico assuring compliance, reducing costs and eliminating holdups."

Leon Turetsky, CEO of QuestaWeb, adds, "In AduanaSoft, we found a company that operated using a similar business model and shared our penchant for excellence and customer service. Our system designs are highly complementary, thus facilitating seamless integration. AduanaSoft, like QuestaWeb, offers modular, Internet-based products; provides real-time database updates; allows electronic payment of pedimentos; and enables users to customize both the system and reports to meet their specific needs. It is an ideal match that will help promote the economies of both countries by simplifying cross-border transactions."

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