Radiant Systems Joins Retailers to Pilot Mobile Payments

Radiant Systems is working on pilots with several retailers that plan to bring mobile wallets to market later this year. The point-of-sale software and hardware supplier is adding mobile payment capabilities to its core product lines as well as integrating with other third party payment solutions to provide relevant functionality that meets the unique requirements of retail businesses.
"Radiant has heavily invested in mobile payment capabilities, including several we are introducing to the market this year," says Andy Heyman, COO of Radiant. "While many start-ups are bringing increased attention to the mobile space, Radiant can quickly enable our customers to accept and seamlessly integrate mobile payment into their operations by leveraging our open, secure point-of-sale technology."
Radiant has a history of bringing mobile payment solutions to market, including its Orderman handheld technology used by servers and cashiers in over 30,000 businesses worldwide. Radiant will continue to announce further details for specific mobile payment platforms within the coming months.
"There are many new and competing mobile payment solutions entering the marketplace and it is our intent to support those that we and our customers believe will become most relevant to their businesses," said Kim Eaton, executive vice president of marketing at Radiant. "We are in a great position to provide the solutions that have the highest impact for our customers and help them drive loyalty and engagement."
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