RadiciGroup Debuts Three Sustainable Yarns

According to RadiciGroup, manufacturing sustainable yarn products that ensure a smaller environmental footprint, good performance and improved safety is one of its corporate goals and also one of themes addressed by the 51st Man-Made Fibers Congress held in Dornbirn, Austria, in September 2012. At the event, RadiciGroup focused on three concrete cases of sustainable product development: r-Radyarn, r-Starlight and CornLeaf.

"For years, our main objective has been to offer innovative, sustainable yarn that guarantees the same flexibility and performance as standard products," said Roberto Parenzan, R&D manager of the RadiciGroup Polyester Area, speaking in Dornbirn. "Sustainability has become a strategic factor in many of the sectors for which we develop our yarns, from technical sportswear to intimatewear and automotive.

"This is essential in order to maintain and strengthen competitiveness, especially in these difficult times. And the same applies to us," he continued. "The r-Radyarn, r-Starlight and CornLeaf yarn lines, which we discussed last month at the Man-Made Fibers Congress in Dornbirn, are concrete examples of our commitment to offering our customers sustainability, high performance and safety."

r-Radyarn is a low-environmental-impact product made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET bottles. It is an eco-sustainable yarn ideal for applications in the technical sportswear and furnishings sectors. What's more, r-Radyarn is the result of a multi-stage process - from post-consumer bottle collection and reprocessing to yarn production - all taking place in Europe and monitored at every step. r-Radyarn ensures that garments and other manufactured items have a smaller measurable environmental footprint, maximum comfort, freshness, breathability, colourfastness and thermoregulation. Oeko-Tex-certified Radyarn is free of heavy metals and other toxic substances. r-Radyarn also comes in bacteriostatic and anti-UV versions. POY and drawn versions of this eco-compatible yarn are sold under the r-Starlight brand name.

CornLeaf is produced from Ingeo polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymer, a 100 percent natural material made from renewable vegetable resources. Because of its properties and the production process used, CornLeaf fully meets eco-sustainability standards, such as lower CO2 emissions and reduced water and energy consumption. CornLeaf is also available in solution-dyed and bacteriostatic versions.

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