Raley's Rewards Loyal Customers with Something Extra

U.S. grocery chain Raley's has launched its first loyalty card program, Something Extra, across all Raley's, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods locations. The rewards program tracks points earned for shopping and rewards cardholders with vouchers sent to them every three months. Shoppers can earn one point for every U.S. dollar spent on qualifying items and every week certain products will be worth extra points.
The coupons sent to the members are personalized based on what that particular shopper purchases on a regular basis. The retailer will also randomly offer extra points without shoppers needing to make a purchase, as well as surprise gifts such as free coffee or ice cream.
Customers can also earn cash for their local school or youth organization each time they shop by enrolling in the Raley's Extra Credit Program, which replaces the Raley's Quality of Life Program. The program ensures that 100% of all money earned will go directly to the selected organizations.
More than 70,300 shoppers have registered for the loyalty program since its September 12 launch. The program was reportedly created over the past three years in partnership with dunnhumby USA.
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