Ralph Lauren Knocks Off J. Crew for Best E-comm Customer Service in October

StellaService's monthly benchmark rankings of retail customer service performance found that Ralph Lauren has edged out J. Crew, which had been no. 1 for three consecutive months, for the top spot for October.

  • PHONE  - RalphLauren.com, with a Total Time To Live Agent under 30 seconds and 100 percent Issue Resolution, earned the top spot. Of note, LLBean.com was fastest among all retailers, answering customer calls in a speedy 12 seconds on average.
  • EMAIL – CasualMale.com made its debut on top of email support, replying to emails about six hours faster than the category average.
  • SHIPPING – ToryBurch.com topped the shipping category with attention to detail around packaging. The company scored 100 percent adequate or better for both Package Fit and Package Quality.
  • RETURNS - JCrew.com was best among all retailers, providing a prepaid, adhesive return label in 100 percent of orders handled by StellaService analysts.
Department Stores
  • PHONE – JCPenney.com shared the top position with SaksFifthAvenue.com the previous month, but edged the competition in October with high marks for Product Knowledge and Policy Knowledge to claim the top spot outright.
  • EMAIL – Nordstrom.com's email performance was the most consistent among department stores. The retailer had the highest Baseline Performance score, a metric that includes whether the retailer solved issues completely, addressed the first and second questions directly, had adequate or better Product Knowledge and Policy knowledge and avoided spelling mistakes.
  • SHIPPING  - Macys.com edged the competition in the shipping category with superior Package Fit, an improvement from fourth in the category last month.
  • RETURNS – Bloomingdales.com was tops in the category, providing a prepaid, adhesive return label in all orders handled by StellaService Analysts.
  • PHONE – Shop.lululemon.com was fastest at connecting customers to a live agent, doing so in 40 seconds on average. The retailer also had the highest marks for Issue Resolution.
  • EMAIL – A combination of speed and adept Issue Resolution pushed Reebok.com to the top of the category for the first time. Reebok.com's ability to address the second question posed by StellaService Analysts narrowly missed best-in-class among all retailers.
  • SHIPPING  - Store.Nike.com missed a single delivery estimate, which kept them out of the top spot. Still, FinishLine.com managed to deliver in less than 5 days on average.
  • RETURNS – Reebok.com provided a prepaid, adhesive return label in every order handled by StellaService Analysts.
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