Real-Time Task Management Goes Mobile

To provide retailers with the ability to send tasks and real-time customer service alerts to store managers and associates, Reflexis Systems will make its workforce management and real-time execution solutions available on the Motorola Solutions SB1 Smart Badge and MC40 enterprise handheld computers.
The SB1 Smart Badge is a wearable device that allows sales associates and task workers with barcode scanning, battery life, push to talk (PTT) and a thin client architecture that supports task management, price checking and inventory look-up. This improves productivity and customer service. The MC40 is a multi-purpose mobile computer for retail that incorporates inventory management with collaboration and line-busting mobile point-of-sale capabilities in a compelling form factor.
Solutions such as Reflexis Task Manager and Reflexis StorePulse enable retailers to provide store managers and associates with up-to-the-minute prioritized tasks and real-time alerts on the SB1 and MC40. These solutions will help retailers provide an improved shopping experience for the increasingly demanding customer.
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