RedPrairie WMS integrates Build-To-Order Features in New Release

RedPrairie Corp. is integrating its own Build-To-Order product's in-line sequencing, as well as work order processing capabilities, into the new release of its warehouse management system (WMS), RedPrairie's E2e Supply Chain Execution suite.

The new updates will aid in supporting production line requirements, improving efficiency and accuracy for build-to-order manufacturers, and will allow several work orders to be allocated, scheduled and system-directed across multiple work stations.

RedPrairie's Build-To-Order solution provides in-sequence parts and component delivery to production lines, error proofing and traceability, shop-floor integration with materials handling equipment and outbound delivery sequencing. This reduces lead times and inventory costs, improves on-time delivery, and enhances lean manufacturing efforts, the company reports.

The new release also adds to the WMS's vendor-managed inventory capabilities, improving visibility and control over inventory hand-off from supplier to customer. The new updates include support for the role third-party logistics providers often play in the process, tracking supplier information down to the item level, offering time-appropriate ownership transfer and rules-based allocation algorithms by supplier.

Commenting on the software, Steve Banker, service director for supply chain management at ARC Advisory Group, notes that the line between production and distribution operations has begun to blur over the past few years. In this release, he says, "there is functionality typically found in a production management system, such as in-line sequencing, that can absolutely improve certain types of warehouse operations. Other functionality, such as labor management, based on engineered standards, has far more typically been used in warehouse operations. But these functions can absolutely improve certain types of production operations."

Also integrated into the new WMS are the inventory and asset management capabilities of its standalone Mobile Resource management product.

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