Reflektion Launches the Reflektion Partner Data Network

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Reflektion, a unified engagement platform for brands worldwide, has launched Reflektion Partner Data Network. The Reflektion Partner Data Network combines the full power of Reflektion’s hyper-relevant platform and insights with data from leading technology and e-commerce companies to increase engagement and maximize a brand’s customer data investments. Reflektion Partner Data Network integrations will unleash new features across Web, merchandising, site search and email.

At launch, the Reflektion Partner Data Network includes integrations withEdgecaseNarvarBlueKai, and Yottaa. By integrating data sets from these partners, joint customers can ensure they are getting the very most out of all the data they have on each shopper. The combination of Reflektion’s AI and deep learning-driven solutions, onsite behavioral data and partner data network will enable retailers to engage customers in new ways.

“One of the most common post-purchase site searches from customers is ‘Where’s my package?’ or ‘When will my package arrive?’ Unfortunately, the majority of these queries produce no response or a failed search request,” said Amit Sharma, CEO and Founder, Narvar. “By joining Reflektion’s Partner Data Network, our joint customers will now able to directly answer these questions for shoppers with timely, accurate shipment data across a variety of touchpoints including text search, chatbots and voice search.”  

“The key to driving increased customer engagement and conversions is ensuring shoppers are seeing relevant results based on the intent and preferences they express, which starts with product data.”  said Susanne Bowen, CEO, Edgecase. “Retailers truly understand the impact of data management and how it affects their ecommerce initiatives. With partnerships like those across Reflektion’s Partner Data Network, we have the opportunity to work with other industry innovators in an effort to enhance ecommerce merchandising efforts with deeper, more nuanced product data that better aligns with how shoppers search.”

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