Reflexis Deploys Facial Recognition to Bolster Hygiene in Stores

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Reflexis Deploys Facial Recognition to Bolster Hygiene in Stores


Reflexis Systems, Inc. announces the rollout of a new Reflexis Tablet Clock that supports facial recognition capability out of the box, eliminating the need to physically touch common surfaces. This touchless system will benefit front-line, essential employees at grocers, convenience stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, hospitals and other, eliminating a potential point of infection.

The new tablet clock is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, and as users register for face recognition, they follow system cues to capture their likeness from multiple angles. Once registered, store associates will be able to scan their face and then use voice commands for clock in/out and meal punch in/out for a truly touchless experience. Users will still be able to clock in and out by entering their badge ID number if they so choose.

Reflexis Tablet Clock will support 3D face recognition in Time and Attendance version 4.3 when deployed on hardware supporting this functionality, adding an extra layer of security. With 3D face recognition, the system can distinguish between a real person and a photograph or other two-dimensional image. Additionally, retailers can adjust the detection accuracy of their Reflexis Tablet Clock face recognition.

Also available in Reflexis Time and Attendance is geofencing capability, which permits users to clock in and out via their personal mobile device by entering a geofence radius. This function can be adjusted by the administrator of the clock app to allow flexibility for a field associate to clock in from a larger radius than a store associate.

“At this time, the safety our customers and their store associates is the most important thing,” said Prashanth Palakurthi, founder and CEO, Reflexis Systems. “Reducing the risk of infection by removing these critical ‘high-touch’ surfaces ensures that store associates stay safer.”