Regional Grocers Coborn's and Foodtown are Personalizing the Shopping Experience

Regional grocery chains Coborn's and Foodtown are targeting individual shoppers with personalized messaging based on personal preferences, purchase history and current location.

Birdzi, a provider of strategic personalization and shopper engagement solutions, is working with the Minnesota-based Coborn’s and New Jersey-based Foodtown, to provide personalized digital savings for their shoppers and increase customer engagement.

The platform allows retailers to target shoppers based on their personal preferences, purchase history and current location. Grocers using Birdzi technology have seen week-over-week growth in shopper engagement as they deliver targeted, relevant offers to their customers.

“Building a data-driven customer-centric marketing strategy has long been a goal of mine,” said Dennis Host, VP marketing, Coborn’s. “When we began conceiving the program requirements and exploring possible technology partners, we recognized that Birdzi was a perfect fit. They are able to provide personalized, relevant offers and help drive customer loyalty through very current technology streams. Once our program is fully launched, we will be delivering a very advanced personalized loyalty program to our guests through an app, dedicated website and in-store beacon technology.”

The omnichannel solution was attractive to the independent grocery chains as they work to deliver an engaging experience to their customers.

“Given our commitment to customer satisfaction, we wanted to provide a single, comprehensive solution to deliver personalized campaigns across multiple shopping channels,” said Patty Youchock, director of advertising and marketing, Allegiance Retail Services, Foodtown's parent company. “