REI Exec to Share Insights from Lessons Learned in the Great Recession

Kirk Stephens, Director of Retail Operations, REI, joins a panel of industry experts at the RIS Retail Executive Summit, which will take place from June 16-18 at the Grand Del Mar Resort in Del Mar, CA.

Stephens joins a panel of industry experts including Richard D. Hastings, CCE, Consumer Strategist, Global Hunter Securities LLC, Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner, RSR Research LLC and William Lash, Retail Portfolio Executive Corporate Information Technology, Safeway who will discuss "Profiting from Lessons Learned in the Great Recession."

The panel discussion will address the emergence of a "new normal" and what these retailers did to adjust as quickly as possible and will answer questions including: What are the parameters and underpinnings of the new retail reality? How have customers, marketplace dynamics and business fundamentals changed? What are the learnings and takeaways? And how have successful retailers gotten stronger while others fell by the wayside?

Kirk Stephens has served as the director of retail operations since 1994. Stephens has more than 16 years retail experience, including REI store manager and field director positions before becoming Director of Retail Operations in 2006. Stephens currently oversees retail operations, and is responsible for implementation of divisional strategy.
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