Report: Apparel and Textile Trade Numbers Will Have Doubled from 2005-2015

Bharatbook recently released a report called "Strategies For Textile and Apparel Manufacturers in the Post-Quota Era: Prospects to 2015."

The publisher projects that world textile and apparel trade will have doubled in the 10 years from 2005-2015. While sourcing in China and India have clearly been the top two dominant driving forces with that surge, Bharatbook projects their export growth will stabilize by 2012 as an increasing proportion of their production is diverted to their respective domestic markets.

"Meanwhile, there will be greater opportunities for other leading suppliers to U.S. and [European Union] markets," Bharatbook reports. "Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam will continue to gain market share. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan could also become major forces."
According to the report, as apparel and textile manufacturers face increasing competitive pressures, those that have invested in capabilities such as total quality management systems, modern design facilities, logistics and transportation functionality and information technology (IT) infrastructures stand to gain valuable competitive advantages in being able to offer more to their customers.

Bharatbook also foresees the emergence of regional textile and apparel production and exporting "hubs" in the years leading to 2015.

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