Research and Reports

  • Overturning Turnover in Retail

    Constant turnover of retail employees wastes time and money in the short and long term. This exclusive report describes how integrating data can help you understand, motivate and retain your team.
  • Managing Talent: Win-Win Workforce Management Strategies for the Retail Frontline

    In this interactive report, RIS explores how retailers' strategic workforce technology investments are holding up amidst ongoing economic pressures and labor shortages, laying out a roadmap for future priorities and areas of opportunity.
    Managing Talent: Win-Win Workforce Management Strategies for the Retail Frontline
  • 33rd Annual Retail Technology Study

    Benchmark your organization’s tech maturity against more than 80 distinct retail solutions. Discover where your peers are making significant tech investments and what you need to do to keep pace.
    33rd Annual Retail Technology Study
  • Store Experience Study 2023: Remodeling Retail

    The annual “Store Experience Study” represents the 20th year of collaboration between RIS News and IHL Group. Benchmark your store technology stack against your peers and discover the retail industry’s tech investment plans for today and into the future.
    RIS 2023 Store Experience Study
  • Best of NRF 2023: Top 10 Takeaways

    As the name implies, the NRF Big Show is mammoth. Three short days is never enough to see everything. Don't worry, RIS’ annual top takeaways from The Big Show 2023, presented in 10-not-to-be-missed highlights from keynote presentations, to session coverage and eye-catching booths, to the consumer product showcase, and NRF tech and research announcements, will fill you in on what you missed.
    NRF Top 10 Takeaways
  • Grow Ecommerce Profits—not just Conversions

    AI supports best-in-class ecommerce experiences, boosting conversions and profits.
  • Empowering the Modern Workforce: Employee and Customer Self-Service

    Uncover how intelligent automation equips employees to work smarter, autonomously address problems, and elevate their engagement with customers.
  • Architecting the Workforce of the Future: Empowered, Autonomous, and Agile

    RIS sits down with Margaret Lee, senior VP and GM of Digital Service and Operations Management, BMC Software, to discuss how retailers can harness intelligent automation and chat technology to enable agents to work smarter, autonomously manage requests, and elevate their engagement with customers.
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