Retail Systems Expo Explores RFID, Collaboration


This event outlook article is a preview to Retail Systems Expo.

Highlights of the annual Retail Systems Expo and VICS Collaborative Commerce Conference, taking place May 17-19 in Chicago, will include a keynote address from one of Wal-Mart's top executives, a "Strategic Integration Summit" and a series of best practice roundtable discussions.

Presenting the event's retailer keynote address is Michael Duke, executive vice president, president and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores USA. Duke's presentation, entitled "Build RFID into Your Game Plan," will explore Wal-Mart's decision to integrate electronic product code (EPC) and RFID network technology into its supply chain practices, including implications for its suppliers.

The Strategic Integration Summit, held on the final day of the event, will have a theme of "Look into the Board Room: How to Make Safe Investments in Innovation," and feature discussion by an executive panel, including from the apparel industry: Marty Abercrombie, vice president of replenishment, Saks Department Store Group; Peter Burrows, senior vice president, MIS, and CIO, Reebok; Tom Cole, vice chairman, Federated Department Stores; and Harry Kubetz, senior vice president of operations, Kenneth Cole Productions.

The event's best practice roundtable discussions, which attendees may sign up for on a first-come/first-served basis, will focus on five topics, including: RFID for retailers, RFID for suppliers; IT/finance and management; stores of the future; and data synchronization.

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