Retailers with the Best and Worst Online Experience

Shoppers continue to migrate to retailers' digital channels, both to make a purchase and to conduct product research that can lead to future sales. In order to capture shoppers' business and future loyalty retailers need to provide a satisfying and engaging online experience.
For the fifth consecutive year Temkin Ratings has ranked over 260 companies across 20 industries on their ability to provide a quality online experience. Temkin interviewed thousands of Internet users and asked them to identify companies that they have interacted with online during the previous 60 days, and rate the experience.
The top and bottom five retailers that made Temkin's annual rankings were:
Top 5
Amazon. For five consecutive years the pure play has been at or near the top of the ranking, taking the silver position in the 2015 incarnation. It is no surprise that Amazon is the first retailer named considering its famous user friendly and cost conscious shopping experience. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 79%.
eBay. The online marketplace jumped four positions on this year's ranking to finish in seventh place. eBay is known for its engaging interface, and the fun factor of winning an online auction undoubtedly helped catapult it up the ranking. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 73%.
QVC. One of the founders of the interactive shopping experience, QVC finished in ninth place thanks to its ability to translate the fun and engaging shop at home experience it cultivate on television to the online world. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 72%.
Apple. In addition to finishing in 13th place in this ranking, the electronics manufacturer and retailer came in first place in a recent list of the most admired retailers. A streamlined user experience is the calling card of Apple products and shoppers have found a similar interaction when shopping the brand's e-commerce channel. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 70%.
Nordstrom. The only department store to make it into the top 5 has been investing in providing customers with an engaging experience in-store and out for years. One way the traditional retailer has been able to connect with Millennial shoppers is through the use of shoppable social media feeds that allow for customers to make a purchase right from the social accounts. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 67%.
Bottom 5
Kmart. Although the struggling retailer didn't score well in this ranking Kmart is doing some innovative things in the digital space. Last summer Kmart and parent company Sears announced that order online and pick-up in-store can now be completed at either brand's physical locations, regardless of the e-commerce site the order was placed. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 47%.
7-Eleven. Customers looking to grab a quick Slurpee or a corn dog can't be satisfied with a website, which no doubt played a huge role in the c-store's poor showing in the ranking. All of that could very well change if 7-Eleven's new one-hour, on-demand delivery service is successful. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 46%.
Marshalls. Although the TJX brand has helped redefine the department store experience, its online channel leaves a lot to be desired. Its website is chock full of easy to navigate product photos, but without an e-commerce engine attached the site is little more than window dressing for the in-store experience. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 44%.
O'Reilly Auto Parts. While the specialty retailer continues to lead the lucrative do-it-yourself automotive segment, its online experience is lacking according to shoppers. Perhaps the often confusing process of purchasing automotive replacement parts is best done face-to-face with the help of a trained profession. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 43%.
Dollar General. The dollar store experience is inheritably an in-person affair. Although Dollar General has made inroads in the online market, impulse in-store purchases will remain the brand's bread and butter. The retailer continues to improve its digital coupon experience and is able to capture valuable analytic insight from their use. Temkin Web Experience Rating: 43%.
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