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The Retailer's New Edge for 2024: The Intelligent Automation of WFM


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With the rise of generative AI, technology continues to hold the promise to transform retail operations and the employee experience. Imagine a retail landscape marked by automated decisions, optimized operations, and an enriched employee experience. Learn how retailers can offer perks like flexible scheduling and earned wage access without sacrificing efficiency. Join us to understand why intelligent, automated, and employee-centric workforce management is the key to thriving in 2024 for top-tier retailers. In this session you will learn:

  • How to intelligently automate scheduling, demand forecasting and other core tasks to free managers to focus on what matters most
  • How to improve the financial well-being of your frontline workforce without sacrificing efficiency or productivity
  • How to drive greater frontline engagement through schedule flexibility and connection to company culture

In this session, discover how intelligent automation is revolutionizing workforce management in retail. Drawing from our "State of the Hourly Workforce" study—comprising feedback from 1,000 hourly employees and 600 managers—we'll reveal a surge in demand for intelligently automated scheduling and core WFM tasks. This shift not only streamlines administrative processes but also enhances employee-manager interactions. 


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