Revionics Acquires Marketyze

Revionics, Inc., a provider of end-to-end merchandise optimization solutions, has acquired Marketyze, a global provider in advanced on-line competitive pricing intelligence, inventory optimization and merchandising solutions. The acquisition brings together powerful capabilities that combine unmatched real-time market, competitive and customer intelligence to execute profitable pricing, promotion and assortment decisions across all channels. This is a key competitive differentiator that will enable pure-play and omni-channel retailers to break down organizational silos, bridge online and physical channels and move at the speed of their customers across all channels.

Revionics now delivers a complete, end-to-end omni-channel solution from competitive data collection to pricing, planning, optimization and management with high frequency, speed and scale.

"Our mission has always been to deliver unmatched solutions and undeniable results for our customers," said Marc H. Hafner, CEO, Revionics. "This strategic acquisition will truly provide a distinct advantage for our customers – one vendor with unified solutions that can deliver powerful intelligence across market, competitive and customer data to execute a profitable omni-channel strategy. This is an exciting time in retail and here at Revionics, we are rounding out what was a transformative year with the addition of Marketyze. This move will help us accelerate innovation, speed to market, sales velocity and market competitiveness while enabling retailers to leapfrog the competition with responsive merchandising."

Combined company meets a critical market need: Rapid e-commerce growth continues to accelerate with 2015/2014 year-over-year growth in the US at 13.8 percent, 15.2 percent in the UK and 11.6 percent in Germany.* This boom brings with it an increasing pressure for retailers to have access to fast, accurate and actionable competitive and market insights across all channels that strengthens their merchandising planning and execution with speed to ROI. Combining Revionics' and Marketyze's capabilities meets these needs head-on to help retailers enhance revenues, margins and profitability with surgical precision in a highly competitive world where shoppers hold the power and are shopping across channels.

In addition, the acquisition extends the Revionics Dynamic Pricing solution, providing deeper real-time competitive price monitoring and analytical insights from a single, complete solution not available elsewhere. The result: a more holistic strategy to harness real-time, accurate competitive and market data to dynamically price and execute across all channels that ultimately improve shopper loyalty, increase sales and profits.

"As a longtime user of Marketyze, we value their deep real-time competitive price monitoring and analytical insights," said Robert Biles, general manager - online consumer sales, secondary markets at Best Buy. "We see the combination of Marketyze's competitive analytics with Revionics' sophisticated price optimization and ability to price dynamically across our Secondary Market channels as an exciting and welcome development."

"This significant market development aligns with how we believe retailers should think about emerging next-generation commerce," said Guy Courtin, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. "Shoppers can and should expect choice across all channels in terms of inventory, experiences, and pricing. Retailers need to dynamically be able to meet their customers' expectations regardless of where they are shopping."

Revionics selected Marketyze for its market-disruptive advanced Big Data pricing intelligence provided via SaaS to both online and traditional retailers. Its capabilities make Revionics' price, promotion, and space and assortment solutions even more powerful so retailers can break down silos and bridge online and physical channels, harnessing real-time market and competitive data to profit from every input.

Marketyze's unique capabilities include advanced science and proprietary algorithms that deliver the highest matching accuracy in the industry, far beyond competitors' simplified product matching. Their powerful visualization and drill-down capabilities make competitive insights easily consumable by all types and sizes of retailers.

"Our combined value proposition is exciting and the Marketyze team is thrilled to be a part of Revionics to strengthen and expand our joint global footprint, product offerings, and R&D depth," said Onn Manelson, Marketyze Co-founder & CEO. "Retail is at the intersection of business strategy and data science. This combination empowers retailers to adopt a more holistic strategy across all their channels to execute a more seamless pricing, promotion and assortment strategy that will yield stronger profits, customer loyalty and competitive advantage. Retailers also benefit from the speed, scalability and economics of our SaaS delivery model."

New capabilities in revionics solutions portfolio
Newly added SaaS-based solutions deliver faster time to market, ease of implementation and speed to ROI.
  • Competitive price data: Compete more intelligently with real-time fluctuations across key competitors' channels and secondary markets
  • Competitive price insights: Dynamically monitor competitive prices, price competitively and control price and brand image while uncovering competitive opportunities
  • Competitive price management: Efficiently monitor and manage pricing policies against competitors to drive sales and margin improvements
  • Competitive promotion data: Dynamically monitor competitive promotions and accurately capture promotional variations in real time using competitive data and secondary markets in promotion planning and execution
  • Competitive promotion insights: Create more effective, distinct promotions using highly visual, configurable and customizable promotional dashboards to benchmark promotional strategies against competitors
  • Competitive assortment data: Achieve fast, actionable assortment insights using  unique, proprietary algorithms to accurately collect and monitor in real-time competitor products across multiple channels as they come in and out of the assortment
  • Competitive assortment insights: Dynamically monitor competitive assortments andimprove assortment planning and purchasing decisions while uncovering assortment gaps against your competitors to uncover revenue opportunities withcustomizable dashboards that provide greater visibility in competitive assortment activity
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