RFID Wizard for EASYLABEL Labeling Software



Brunswick, OH -- EASYLABEL's RFID Wizard allows you to easily create EPC (Electronic Product Code) and DoD (Department of Defense) smart labels. The RFID Wizard will prompt you for the necessary information and EASYLABEL will do the rest. RFID projects that do not require the EPC or DoD RFID code can use EASYLABEL to directly program HF (High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) smart labels in a hexadecimal or ASCII format.

With EASYLABEL, you have the option to import parts or all of your RFID data from sources such as: databases, serial files, user input, existing bar code or text fields, and external text files. You may also choose to print the RFID data, encoded in the RFID tags, on your smart labels as a text or bar code field.

An additional EASYLABEL RFID feature is the ability to write and print a report that includes the data used to program your printed smart labels. This report can then be used as part of an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) or to keep a record of labeled items.

Combining all of these RFID capabilities with EASYLABEL's other time-tested features, will allow you to easily design, report, program and print smart labels.

A free trial edition is available for download from Tharo's web site.


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