RIS Accelerator Kit Provides Tools for Jump-Starting Social Media Programs

RIS News announces the launch of the Social Media Accelerator Kit, an exclusive resource designed specifically for the retail industry and will help retail technology companies succeed in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social-media channels.

Over the past year, the RIS team has had many conversations with technology providers about their involvement in social media. In those conversations, marketers and executives have relayed their challenges with social media. Through the launch of the Social Media Accelerator Kit, retail technology companies now have a tool that will help them launch and succeed in social-media channels.

Through this kit, you'll receive:

>Real-life best practices and tips/tricks for succeeding in social-media channels
>Steps for developing and executing your social-media strategy
>An example social-media policy guideline for your organization
>Tips for setting up social-media processes
>Best practices for measuring your progress and success

RIS News' Social Media Accelerator Kit is available to marketers now. The executive summary and table of contents can be found by clicking here. Initial customers will receive a printed and PDF version of the Social Media Accelerator Kit. Additionally, the first 10 customers will receive exclusive access to the results from RIS News' social media survey conducted and analyzed in March/April of this year. In this exclusive survey, RIS News polled retailers on their social media habits and explored the social media channels retail executives will focus on in the future.

In addition, RIS News' is launching a companion monthly social media subscription service. Titled RIS Brand Builder Service, technology companies will benefit from monthly editorial mentions in key RIS social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In addition, RIS and Edgell staff will be available to assist technology companies as their social media strategy is developed and launched and will provide monthly metrics on coverage and mentions. They will also gain access to a private LinkedIn Group where they can share best practices and poll peers on social media strategies and implementation approaches.
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