RIS News and Retail Leader Announce Inaugural Value Chain Tech Event: Registration Now Open!

About Value Chain Tech

Theme: Achieving End-to-End Retail Collaboration

When: September 25-27

Where: Seattle, WA

Who: The event will bring together top retail and CPG executives and the industry's brightest minds who are working together to pioneer the next evolution of the supply chain. 


The retail industry has witnessed ongoing, massive disruption since COVID hit, making it clear that today’s retailers need to look at their own evolutions and adapt to constant change if they’re going to thrive and grow. The key to keeping up? Value chain digital transformation. 

This fall, RIS News and Retail Leader are joining forces to debut Value Chain Tech, a unique new annual event focused on the technologies that power the key pillars of value chain success:

Agility. Resiliency. Collaboration. Sustainability.

Across these four pillars, attendees can expect to dive into:

  • Game-changing tech advances to transform real-time visibility
  • Supply chain planning: Thriving in uncertainty
  • Securing flexible logistics capacity to deliver more efficiency
  • How the power of AI is enabling the next stage of optimization and automation in supply chain and logistics operations
  • Inventory fluctuations: Responding to viral social media and operating in a socially connected world
  • Supply chain digitization: New modeling and resilience
  • How to cut transportation costs and optimize logistics using data and AI
  • Biggest sustainability failures and how better value chain investment could have prevented them
  • The path to zero: Enabling a more sustainable supply chain
  • Maximizing end-to-end data collaboration across your enterprise
  • Open data: The democratization of analytics
  • Collaborate to innovate: Collective creativity for a disrupted world
Value Chain

Why Attend?

The Value Chain Tech event is unique in its unparalleled focus on the technologies that underpin and fuel the new value chain landscape. 

Over three days, we will:

  • Introduce you to industry experts who are paving the way
  • Share best-in-class case studies
  • Provide frameworks that help translate ideas into action plans
  • Introduce you to new solution providers who can accelerate your progress

From AI and automation, to last mile and delivery systems, to data-driven marketing efforts, and beyond, tech investments are key to unleashing success, and will remain at the heart of discussions throughout this collaborative three-day event.